How to Choose and Style Knit Dress in Winter and Autumn

Many girls have the same troubles in autumn and winter and do not know how to wear dresses. Either they feel that the dress is not warm enough, or afraid that it will be bloated if it is not fit well. 

When it comes to slenderize figure and keep warm. Dresses are more versatile than pants in the cold weather. As long as the style is well selected, not only can it perfectly modify the deficiency of body, but it can also be used to hide the tight pantyhose.

From the most simple dress to the essential dresses, they are all fashionable. And it is not difficult to style it. Everyone can find the one that suits them. 

Knit Dress

When it comes to dresses that’s suitable for autumn and winter, I believe that many people will think of knit dresses for the first time. It comes with warm properties, and looks good in texture, comfortable to wear in a simple style and provides a sense of superiority.

fashion of winter knit dress

Besides, knitted dresses are much better than expected. If you want to keep a simple atmosphere, you can choose a slim fit knit dress in black, white, beige, and other classic neutral colors, pair them with the same color coat.

In particular, the slim-fit knit dress with the vertical ribs is recommended, and the effect of wearing it is super slender. The rib has a downward extension in the visual, which can conceal the deficiency of the figure.

vertical ribs knit dress

For a pear-shaped figure, wearing a knitted dress looks gentle and temperament. Not to mention, it also can cover the thicker part of the thighs. It seems slightly thinner than wearing a loose dress

If you are anxious that the close-fitting knit dress makes you look fat, you can choose a loose style weakens the curve. Add a belt to make the body proportion look better. 

belted knit dress

Think the solid knit dress is too monotonous? This year, fashion bloggers also like to pair a knitted dress with boots, such as animal prints and diamond-patterned knight boots, which can make the overall shape more eye-catching.

Which kind of knit dress you would like to wear ? And what other dressing tips you have ? We are pleased to hear your thoughts.