Popular Evil Eye Bracelet and Everything About it You Need to Know

Evil eye could go back to as early as 5000 years ago Mesopotamia culture.In the past time, humans feared the malicious stare of someone who keeps a grudge on fortune and wishes harm,that will cause them misfortune and injury.Thus,evil eye pattern jewelries came into being,mainly for the purpose of amulet.

The appearance of evil eyes

The evil eye charm, a bead or disc with a blazing blue iris or with a black one, ringed by circles of white and blue or aqua. The bazaars in Greece and Turkey or the covered markets in Israel are familiar with the countless ways that the blue, white and black glass pendants can be included into evil eye bracelets, necklaces and other decorations.

Current designers such as Swarovski, Alex and Ani and Michael Kors, have been using the evil eye in sapphires and diamonds, in silver and gold, making pieces that appeal to modern times.

What evil eye and what does it do ?

The evil eye, known as “mati” presented in the Greek culture, is considered a curse given by a malicious stare that may cause misfortune or loss. Because of this, it is important to display an evil eye anywhere on your body to obstruct the curse and also protect yourself.

Do Evil Eye Bracelets work?

Some people believe that carries or wears an evil eye with them, it defends against any misfortune happening in their life. The evil eye can deliver good luck and also protects you from anything unhealthy that can otherwise have a bad effect on your life or even your well being.

Which wrist to wear Evil Eye Bracelet?

You can wear it either the right hand or the left hand, but usually the left is recommended. The affiliation of wearing an evil eye charm bracelet like the hamsa hand on the left wrist is important because it is on the same side with your heart.

How today's people think about wearing evil eye bracelet ?

Still, the display of the evil eyes and hamsa hands records a new level of approval of the occult in vogue fashion. Although most of the people might recognize their astrological sign or possess a crystal, to wear an evil eye jewelry is somewhat spookier.

It is simple enough to read your astrology online, but choosing to carry a charm to defend yourself from the evil spirits is more premeditated, not to say more visible. Perhaps it is the natural advancement of the witch trend: We are ready to up the enigmatic realm and do something that may seem a little dangerous.

Evil Eye Symbol Bracelet DIY Tutorial


Popular Evil Eye Bracelets

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multicolor evil eye bracelet

Multicolor Evil Eye Bracelet


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Evil Eye Beaded Bracelet

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Evil Eye Charm Bracelet Blue Beads

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Gold Evil Eye Bracelet