Choose approriate necklace types based on body stature Types (4 body parts )

Don't get the idea that choose necklace is only related to the face shape.

In fact, the body stature (body parts) will also have impact on choices.

The face and the necklace are only adjacent to each other, but the body, especially the upper body and the necklace are related to each other.

Short thick neck VS slender thin neck

necklace buying based on body figure types (1)

If the neck is short and thick, especially the girl with a mellow and fruitful chest and shoulders,try not to choose a collar necklace and a short necklace.

Avoiding necklace length  is above your bust.This type of necklace will increase the stacking effect on chest, making people feel cramped.

It is right to choose a long necklace to adjust the visual focus,create a deep V effect, to lengthen the length of the neck.

Making neck appear to be more thinner and taller.

On the contrary,if the neck is too long, you need to wear short necklaces.

Such as collar neacklace,choker necklace and even multi-layer short necklaces to split the neck length.

If the neck is slender, you need to avoid wearing too heavy necklaces, otherwise you will present an overwhelming impression.


Chesty breast vs small breast

Girls with big breasts should not choose oversized and complicated styles.This will highlight breasts.

You should choose some simple and slender chain necklace like pendant necklace to create Y-shaped vertical lines to weaken the chest.

It's not picky for girls with a small breast,but the multi layer and exaggerated statement necklace will add a fullness effect.


Small stature VS high stature

Small body stature,generally not suitable for wearing long necklace patterns.

Chunky necklace will increase the sense of heavy load and pull down the center of gravity.

By making It looks like more shorter.

For tall girls,especially overweight girls,on the contrary,it is better not to choose a thin chain necklace,that is too small.

choose necklace fot fat girl

This will also look discordant. Even a thin necklace is best for simple and elegant styles.