How to Choose Necklace According to Types and Length

Necklace Length is an important factor to take into account,the following size image can give you a brief impression to learn which types of necklace is fit fo you.

length types of necklace

Collar Necklace

vintage victorian collar necklace

The collar-type necklaces are relatively short,just above the collarbone,around the neck,close to the line of your neck.It is about 30 cm in length,which giving a very formal feeling.The collar necklace was very popular during the Victorian period.

This necklace is suitable for long-face people and can make the face more rounded.

The collar necklace is perfect for off-the-shoulder clothing or V-neck clothing,match well with evening gowns.

If several of the same style collar chains are worn at the same time or choose a multi-row collar chain,it will be more luxurious.

Additionally if you wear V-neck clothing or low-cut evening dresses,the classic charm is really fascinating.

Choker Necklace

choker necklace black

The length of choker necklace is short which is the most classic,about 41 cm.When you wear it,the position is just arrived or slightly over the collarbone.

The choker necklace gives the impression of exquisite elegance,which can show the confidence and temperament of women.

Whether you are in the workplace,attending a cocktail party, attending a party,or accompanying your family,wearing a choker necklace can show you an elegant,dignified attitude,and it is not deliberate.

Short necklace is also suitable for evening dresses, it can be paired with a business suit. Of course, if you wear a long skirt, it is another elegant style.


Princess Necklace (about 46 cm in length) 

Princess necklace gold

This length of necklace can form a V-shaped line on the neck, suitable for women with round face or neck that is not so slender, to modify your contours and look simple and atmospheric. If you can add a pendant, the noble princess temperament can not hide.


Matine Necklace ( length 50-58CM)

Matine Necklace gold


The Martini necklace is more suitable for girls with rounded faces and necks that are not slender. In addition,this length of pearl necklace is more casual and suitable for relaxed occasions or business activities.

Casual wear,business wear,and long skirts are also available.The necklace can be worn in one loop or in two loops.


Opera Necklace (operatype, 70-90CM)

Opera Necklace

The opera necklace is a long necklace of pearls with a length of 75 to 90 cm. Depending on the dress, you can tie or wrap around two or even three.

The face-faced girl wears an opera-shaped pearl necklace to help round your edges and corners. Whether it's a formal dress or a casual casual outfit, it's a great layering.


Rope Necklace (knot rope type, 120cm or more)

rope necklace type

Like the opera necklace,you can play a lot of tricks. Because the length is too long, it will knot or be wound into multiple turns when worn.