2020 Fashion Bracelets Keeps You on Trend

Kobe Bryant bracelet

This kobe memorial bracelet became popular since James wear it to tribute Kobe,when he return to Laker practice.

kobe bracelet silicone wristband


The most common one is silicone wristband kobe bracelet.The pros of this silicone bracelet is environmentally-friendly,soft,durable,non-toxic,tasteless,non-irritant.

kobe memorial bracelet shoelace rope

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Another classic kobe bracelet is rope type shoelace bracelet.The special color purple and gold correspond to number 24 Jersey.Not only looks amazing but it also fits to those people who wanna in honor of the memory of famous basketball player, keep mamba mentality forever.


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The third type is made out of steel so it's quality product with reasonable price. It has original and strong look but it's also adjustable so the bracelet can fit to wrists of many sizes. It fits to your look whether you are a woman or a man. It's perfect choice for sports and basketball fans too, nothing is more inspirational than wearing this bracelet on your wrist while training yourself for future events. This bracelet is also perfect gift for your boyfriend. That's why Kobe Bryant bracelet is definitely fashion bracelet 2020.


Medical Id Bracelet

If you are looking for something that looks cool but is also useful, I think this is the one for you.

medical alert bracelet stainless steel

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You can call it medical id bracelet or medical alerts bracelet.Most of them are made of stainless steel,merely can cause allergic reaction.That allow you customize and engrave your content like medical condition, name or phone number,quotes on it.It come with double purposes for medical use and personal fashion daily wearing.

It keeps amazingly much information inside itself. You can tell easily about your medical conditions and allergies with this bracelet, it's like a small medical record you can carry with you anywhere. And it becomes very useful in case you get into accident or if you need help.As a gift,you can give it to someone special. As a formal bracelet so you can wear it in work and school too or if you are having some formal event.


Evil Eye Bracelet

evil eyes bracelet zirconia rainbow

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Your can also call it Hamsa hand bracelet,because it featured with a protective symbol.People believe it can protect them from negative evil energy,that’s the main meaning evil eye indicate.

This one has the most character out of all fashion bracelets of 2020. Having a evil eye bracelet on your wrist shows that you are ready to choose differently from others.

There are many variations of this bracelet so it's easy to choose the one that looks the most attractive in your eyes. The colors also vary so you can get the one that fits perfectly to clothes you wanna wear. This fashion bracelet is also made for friendship, you can get two of them. One for you and one for your best friend. Oh, and it's also handmade, so they are quality bracelets with good reviews.

Vsco Bracelet

vsco girl hanfmade bracelet

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Before we get close to know this vsco bracelet, we have to know the meaning of vsco,vsco girl and vsco trend on social media.Here is an article give a basic explanation of vsco culture.

After you learned it,you will know that vsco bracelet realated to the VSCO aesthetic. It is best accessory for for teen girls.Vsco bracelet is cute colorful looking bracelet that fits to many outfits for those who are proud to be vsco girls.

It's also the one people notice immediately and gets them curious. This fashion bracelet 2020 is also perfect gift for someone you wanna make happy. Vsco bracelet tells to people that you are a loving person with beautiful thoughts. It has original color theme so it fits to you especially when you wanna catch attention at school and parties. It's very likely no one else has this kind of very original bracelet!