Wear Necklaces According to Your Face Shapes

All women wear Necklace since the birth.
First of all we must take into account the material of the necklaces that our body adapts to,not all of us can accomodate all kinds of materials.
Therefore, before that,we must consult with the specialist in order to avoid infections or allergies.
There are all kinds of necklaces,material they are made, shape,colors and sizes are varied and many.
And as there is a variety,not all types are equally good to some women.
But actually there are features or shapes,such as sizes that could look better on one type of face.

Choosing right necklace according to face shapes

round face wear long pendant princess Y shape necklace

Round Face

The round face is cute and youthful, but its line is flesh and obvious.
It is best to choose a medium and long chain necklace that can lengthen the face lines,such as a princess necklace,or a Y-shaped necklace with pendant.
The purpose of these kind of necklaces are to form a Y-shaped or V-shaped pull on the ches. Lengthening your facial lines,neutralizing the roundness of the face.

square face wear pearl geometric necklace

Square face

The lines on the square face are hard,and it will inevitably lack a soft feeling.
In order to make you look more feminine and delicate,we can choose a round and soft style to relieve the edges and corners,such as pearl necklace.
As well as a necklace that can form an arc on the chest.Try to avoid wearing a straight or geometric necklace.

Inverted triangle heart face wear choker short necklace

Inverted triangle (heart or V shape) face

This face shape is also commonly known as V-shaped face,I always feels that this face shape is relatively sharp and not balanced.
The "V" shaped face do not suggest to choose a V-shaped,Y-shaped pendant necklace,otherwise the outline impression will be superimposed.
It will strengthen the sharp chin.Of course,do not choose long thin chain pendant necklace,it will appear to be wider of forehead,giving a feeling of top-heavy.
It is more proper for choosing short or choker necklaces and collar necklaces that can create rounded impressions.
Or choosing a necklace with a heavy decorative effect to help fill the edge of the lower part of the triangle face, and play a role of overall balance.


triangle face wear pendant Y V Shape necklace

Regular triangle face

Contrary to the heart shape face,because of its forehead is narrow,the jaw is wide,and it has an effect of masculine.
In this situation,you need to adjust it in reverse when wearing necklace.The chin is wide,then the necklace should not be wide anymore.
Also not recommended to choose collars and short necklaces to tighten the neck,it will make the jawbone wider.
But instead should be more vertical than horizontal.Both Y-shaped and V-shaped necklaces will serve well.


diamond face wear collar round  necklace

Diamond Face

The typical diamond face will be pointed at upper and lower ends,and the middle cheekbone is wide.It is a slightly straight feeling,so,it is not suitable for wearing a V-shaped or pendant necklace. It will look sharper in chin, choose a round and simple one. It would be nice to neutralize the face.

oval face suit all types of face shapes

Oval face

The oval face is full of feminine charm with its soft lines.Such face shapes are almost no limits in the selection of necklaces.
You can freely choose according to your personality and preferences.

Oblong face wear multi layered necklace

Oblong face

Of course, the most taboo for long faces is to wear a Y shape necklace to lengthen the face proportion.It is more suitable for round necklace or horizontal design necklaces.
Two-layer and three-layer short necklaces are a good choice. Even if you choose a long necklace, try to select a wide U-shape instead of a Y-shape necklace.