9 Different Cut Styles of Diamond Rings

Diamond rings are versatile in its diamond cut styles. All diamonds rings has a special shaped except for round cut diamonds. This blog listed 9 Different Cutting Types of Diamond Ring. Let you get a rough knowledge when it comes to purchase a diamond rings or engagement ring.

Marquise Cut Diamond Ring

Marquise cut rings looks like an oval shape with a pointed tip. This is a rare cut type that became popular since King Louis XV of the 18th century.

Princess Cut Diamond Ring

The princess shape is a common cutting type. It first appeared in the 1960s and has become popular ever since.

The princess cut allows square diamonds to show brilliant facets, and can be matched with many different designs. If you want to choose a diamond ring that is classic yet stylish, princess shape is a good choice.

Round Cut Diamond Ring

It is also a popular type of cutting. Round cutting requires a technique to cut the edge into multiple facets, making the light more shining when refracted.

Implication of round cut diamond rings.Conservative.Suitable for who are kind, easy-going, have a strong sense of responsibility for the family, and value your feelings.

Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

At the edge of the rectangular diamond, the stepped cut is used to give this diamond a unique appearance. Even Engagement Ring of Clooney and Beyonce are this style.

Pros of Emerald Cut Diamond Ring: best ring for couples, represent your classy and noble vibe.

Oval Cut Diamond Rings

The oval diamond looks more slender than the round cut. In addition to decorating the fingers, it also has a more elegant sense. Among celebrities, oval cut diamonds are also very popular, worn by Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, Blake Lively, Heidi Klum and so on.

Baguette Cut Diamond Rings

The narrow rectangular cut is actually similar to the trapezoidal square, but it looks more slender.

Asscher Cut Diamond Rings

square is actually the same type of trapezoidal square. The stepped cut at the edge is the same, but the diamond is square. This cut was originally designed by Royal Asscher Diamond Company in 1902.

Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

It’s a combination of round and square features makes the Cushion Cut became one of the most classic and popular styles, and has a long-lasting charm.

Pear Cut Diamond Rings

Pear shape requires a difficult cutting technique to cut a perfect arc, and it can be matched with a variety of variable designs.

If you choose a pear-shaped diamond, be aware that the ring holder must be very strong to avoid scratching the diamond.