Platinum and 18k White Gold Engagement Rings Which One is Better ?

There are many types of materials design or colors that you can choose from.

But don’t worry we will simplify everything and a guide on what to look out for.

First we are going to start off the basics which is choosing your ring material and this topic I will be mainly cover platinum and different types of the gold.

The most common types of material used are platinum and 18k white gold.

Both material make excellent choices for silver engagement ring and what’s the difference which is better ?


Platinum Engagement Rings

It is usually in 95% for some platinum and 5% alloy usually ruthenium because high content in the rings that’s usually denser. That’s why you find button rings always feels heavier compared to white gold.

Platinum Rings is strong but malleable thus crafters are able to easily shape the rings into your preferred design.

Over the time platinum develops a patina finish which gives it a slightly darker and grayer appearance this finish can make your jewelry look more antique.

But camera polish without losing any metal weight hence people are usually in contact with hash chemicals.

Although platinum is a strong material, it is actually softer than 18k white gold.Thus it can be less resistant to scratched.

It’s important to do regular prompt checks every one to two years to check if prongs are knocked out of shape.

18k Platinum Engagement Rings

It is made up of 75% pure gold and 25% alloy. Despite have the same appearance as platinum. 18k white gold is significantly less expensive.

So,the saved money can be used to upgrade the components of engagement ring such as center diamond.

If you are worry about the yellowish tinge and 18k white gold rings after it oxidizes. Do not fret.As it will always returns to its original appearance by polishing and replating it.

Furthermore, if your engagement rings regardless whether it’s 18k gold or platinum.It is probably last for generations if you take care of it.

One important things to note if you are plan to sack your engagement ring and wedding band together in the same finger. We recommend to have both your rings done in the same material.

Even though platinum and 18k white gold appears identical when they are brand new and were created differently.Hands will be best material are the same such that they oxidize similarly over the years.